Latin alphabet like different monsters

This post about one more of my alphabet. Alphabet like different monsters is mostly popular among other my works for children. I think it’s popularity basics on wide applying alien and monster theme in design. Those letters have eyes, ears, mouth, foot, and hand, they smiling and look unusually. :) The letters belong to English, Polish and German alphabet. Be sure, it’s funny game to compose names of children from the letters! You can design some adorable t-shirts for children, use them in fabric design and more.
You can find the files in .jpg and .eps formats on my stocks:

Latin alphabet like different birds

Hello, dear friends. I’ve draw one more creative alphabet for you. This time the alphabet symbols are like different birds, leastwise they have eyes, wings and beaks :) The letters belong to English, Polish and German alphabet. As I did with another my alphabets, I divided each list of symbols on parts; first part is list of consonants and second is list of vowels.
This alphabet symbols like birds are excellent for good for fabric prints, design for t-shirts, wall decoration.
I’ve drawn seamless pattern of the letters with clouds and bugs in the sky. On you can see some examples of using the pattern with birds alphabet.
You can find the files in .jpg and .eps formats on my stocks:

Items for aquarium hobby as line icons

A couple of months ago I bought aquarium and now I really know about many important stuff in this hobby. Therefore, I’ve added two sets of new line icons on my stocks. This time they are about aquarium hobby. In those sets you can find all sorts of chemical liquids, food for fishes and shrimps, decoration for aquarium tank. Moreover, there are heater, thermometer, filter, net, fishpond, aquarium light icons, icons of cleaners, scissors, tweezers. I think sets consist of exhaustive list of aquarium items.
My sweet-water big aquarium living happily and I wish the same for your’s :)
All of those icons available on stocks in .eps and .jpg formats. You can buy them here:

Farm birds from all over the world

It’s a part of my project about animals and birds. I have drawn some sets of farm bird’s families where you can find pair or more of parents and their ducklings and chickens.
The illustrations are in cartoon low detailed style. There are represented birds in different poses and actions. All of them are in white background, easy to use in compositions that are more complex.
To the date, I presenting you families of rooster and hens, turkeys, geese, ducks, ostriches, pheasants and doves.
Moreover, in my portfolio you can find some seamless patterns with the birds.

Food and care stuff for pets as line and glyph icons

Today I proudly presenting to you my new icon sets for our lovely pets. I've tried to draw the icons as small as it could be, so their size is beginning from 32px.

The set include some list of icons. One part is foodstuff for cats and dogs and another part is care stuff for the pets. Each part of the icons is available in line and glyph style.
In foodstuff list you can find all basic types of food for cats and dogs like dry and preserve food, milk, pills, vitamins and pastes, meat meals of different origin and food for different ages.
In care stuff list are available icons of toys and brushes, houses and care bags, scissors and medicine, clothes for dogs, litter and litter boxes.
All of those icons available on stocks in .eps, .svg and .jpg formats. You can buy them here:

Icons of pets, aquarium inhabitants and insects.

Hello, friend! I hope you have had nice holidays this year.
My holidays was so bright and cheery that I am drawing now with a lot of energy. I would say about my latest idea to create some icon sets for pets’ shops. There’re amazing icons in two different styles; one is line style and another is glyph style. At the date, I am presenting you three sets. First set include 16 popular pet’s heads and silhouettes like dog, cat, spider, fish, ferret and other pets. The second set include 12 popular aquarium inhabitants. There are freshwater and marine inhabitants, three types of fishes, coral, crab, starfish, etc. And, finally, the third set include 16 icons of popular terrarium insects like bug, prayer mantis, living stick, bee, ant and some more.

For my opinion, those icons can be useful in designing e-commerce shops, for printing catalogues, in social media. I am working now with continue of that theme, so I’ll coming soon with new icons.

All of those icons available on stocks in .eps and .jpg formats. You can buy them here:

Latin alphabet like sea inhabitants

Hello, dear friends. Today I’m presenting you another one creative work. Some time ago, I had an inspiration to draw few types of alphabets and I’ve produced them in cartoon style. One of those you can see here. It’s Latin alphabet like sea inhabitants that consist of English, Polish and German symbols. I divided each list of symbols on parts; first part is list of consonants and second is list of vowels.
There you can find smiling fishes, cute octopuses, pretty crabs, bright snails and more. It’s funny to draw kid’s name on t-shirt using the letters, or use them to wall decoration.
Moreover, I’ve drawn seamless pattern of the letters with waves and bubbles. On my examples, you can see that it’s fits good for fabric prints.
I hope you will like this alphabet. You can find it in vector on my stocks:

Thank you for your attention and have a nice day!

Christmas numbers made from fir with toys and snow

Hello, dear friends. I’m proudly presenting you my newest Christmas numbers from 1 to 0. I’ve drew them in cartoon style and decorated with bows, ribbons, and snow. To make a choice wider, I made some types of number sets. There are numbers without any decoration, with bows and ribbons and with snow.  There are suitable for Advent calendars, printing stickers and fabric, decorate walls.
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Seamless patent with icy Christmas figures.

Hello everyone! Look, what I’ve drew this time! I had worked about midnight time and suddenly created these figures. I think there are funny, don’t you? On my opinion, the most funny of them is Santa Claus head – it seems like smiling burglar.
However, New Year holidays must be fun and my pattern can be match for decorating. For example, I’m going to use the patterns as websites backgrounds and this is an only first my idea I’ve caught.
You can find the seamless patent with icy Christmas figures here:
Have a nice day! :)